Hero Biometric devices

Biometric devices to suit your organisation's needs

Our range of options includes advanced biometric capabilities such as mask detection, temperature detection and thermal scanning.

Stay at the forefront with cutting-edge features, from biometric authentication to AI-powered anomaly detection

Our software integrates with all standard fingerprint-based and facial recognition biometric systems. If you are looking for an end-to-end solution for your enterprise, ADP SecurTime recommends, procures and integrates biometric devices for your needs.

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Biometric options to meet your needs

Simplify attendance tracking, timesheets, payroll, leave and more

On-premise attendance

ADP SecurTime's on-premise biometric capabilities equipped with facial recognition, thermal scanning, and mask detection ensure that your employees at work are safe at all times.

Track accurate check-in and check-out times of your employees and enable zero-contact protocols as your company policy requires. Onsite biometric systems with contactless facial recognition, palm recognition, thermal scanning, mask detection, and temperature detection features ensure better hygiene and maintain greater efficiency in employee attendance throughout your organisation.

Mobile app

ADP SecurTime's user-friendly mobile app with cloud-based instant facial recognition feature allows your feet-on-street employees to mark their attendance from anywhere in the world. The geofencing feature helps set geographic restrictions while geotagging aids in tracking and confirming locations of full-time, part-time, contract, and gig workers.

ADP SecurTime's mobile app equipped with facial recognition allows your employees to record their attendance from anywhere. The geo tagging and geo fencing features help you understand your employees’ whereabouts.

Our mobile app allows only one person to authenticate themselves using a single device. This is made possible by leveraging IMEI number tagging and which prevents proxy.

Tablet app

Best suited for a workforce at kiosks or work locations, ADP SecurTime's tablet app allows diversified workgroups to log in and mark attendance using a single device. It's geofencing feature supervisors monitor and engage with workers working in different locations and effectively track their attendance.

Our tablet app can authenticate multiple employees. Locations can be geofenced, for employees to mark attendance from the distributed workforce setup.

Web punch

ADP SecurTime’s Web Punch application allows both on-premise and work-from-home employees to clock in and clock out quickly and effortlessly. Centralised cloud storage gives a broad scope for management to access and process employee data quickly and easily.

We take data privacy and security seriously

We take data privacy and security seriously

ADP SecurTime protects your data via:

  • Highly secure AWS Cloud data centres with tamper proof database access
  • Multifactor authentication with federated identity management
  • Role-based access control
  • Secure integration with deep visibility into API calls and alert notifications

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