Scalable payroll and HR services for edutech

Whether you’re managing your talent and trying to reduce churn, struggling to keep compliant, or access expert payroll assistance, find out how our scalable solutions can support your rapid growth.

Spend less time on governance and more time on talent and growth

The education and edutech sector is growing rapidly. With demands on your business and time, you may have scaled up quickly without the specialist expertise to put in place the vital HR and payroll systems needed to support your growth. In a competitive marketplace, attracting and retaining top talent remain challenging, not to mention keeping on top of compliance in a constantly changing regulatory landscape.

Our cloud-based HR and payroll solutions are quick and easy to implement, with compliance built into our software. We have 3,000 experts available to help you navigate compliance while implementing the right solution for your business. Now you can focus on your core strengths – attracting and keeping talent and developing your business.

Designed with input from people like you

We work with clients like you in education and edutech to understand your unique challenges. Then we design scalable, compliant payroll and HR solutions that are not just easy to use, but also help you to:

  • Drive easy adoption and engagement, including employee self-service
  • Ensure your business meets the new global payroll regulations in force since the COVID-19 pandemic hit
  • Calculate benefits quickly for more accurate benefits planning
  • Provide 3,000 payroll and compliance experts to educate your staff as the business grows.

Payroll, HR and time solutions that meet your industry needs

You may only need easy-to-use payroll software, or you may be looking for solutions to make other aspects of HR simpler. See what our solutions can do for you.


Whether your workforce is local or global, we offer fast, easy and accurate payroll so you save time and money.

HR Administration

Simplify and streamline administrative tasks for HR teams and employees.

Time & Attendance

Track hours worked, manage time-off requests and seamlessly integrate with payroll.

HR Insights

HR Insights

Payroll and HR reports with access to employee master data.

HR Services

Focus on what matters most, from outsourcing payroll to HR management.

Useful HR reports to stay one step ahead

Make informed decisions using refined reporting tools. Use these reports to answer questions such as:

  • What are we paying employees by department, division, unit, group or region?
  • What are unplanned absences costing us in overtime?
  • What is the breakdown in various employee costs?

Learn how you can analyse your people data by reading about HR Insights.

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