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5-11-2020 Deep Dive Webinar III - Curating High-Impact Online Classrooms: The 'Live-Online' Option Online Recording
8-10-2020 Deep Dive Webinar II - Curating a Winning Leadership Development Program Online Recording
17-09-2020 Deep Dive Webinar I - Strengthen the Pipeline of Asian Leaders in Your Organization Online Recording
3-09-2020 Understand and Prepare for Filing your Income Tax Returns – AY 2020 - 2021 Online Recording
27-08-2020 CCL Deep Dive Series: Research Launch: Myths We Must Debunk Online Recording
14-05-2020 COVID-19 Indian Legislative Updates and the Impact to Employers Online Recording
26-03-2020 Budget Changes FY 2020-21 and its Impact on Payroll – Part 2 Online Recording
26-02-2020 Budget Changes FY 2020-21 and its Impact on Payroll – Part 1 Online Recording
6-01-2020 Payroll Unplugged: Moving from On-Premise to Payroll in the Cloud Online Recording
19-12-2019 Know Your Taxes Right – How to Plan and Save on Income Tax in 2020 Online Recording
16-10-2019 Discover the Future of Pay Online Recording
5-09-2019 The Code on Wages, 2019 – A Deep Dive on Impact to Employers Online Recording

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