ADP® Vista Add-ons

Complement your payroll solution with a range of products and services.

ADP® Vista add-ons to do more for your business

Get exactly what your organisation needs with add-ons that complement the power of ADP Vista.

  • Implementation service — smooth set-up to ensure business continuity
    A smooth implementation process handled by our experienced team to meet your organisation's needs and ensure business continuity.
  • Lodgement serviceimprove your productivity
    Managing payroll compliance, income tax declaration, investment proof submission and reimbursement claims under flexi benefits for multinational companies.
  • Money movement servicesimplify payroll process and employee satisfaction
    Reduce workload and pay your employees timely and accurately.

ADP® Vista add-ons

Easy Leave Management

ADP Vista Leave Management System provides employees, managers and HR with an all-in-one dashboard for real-time visibility of leave and attendance on desktops and mobile devices.

Time and Attendance

ADP Vista Time and Attendance allows employees to easily punch in and out on different devices with secure geo-tagging and geo-fencing features, helping you to optimise your staff, improve scheduling, control labour costs and do more for your business.

ADP Implementation Service

We provide a smooth, hassle-free implementation process handled by our experienced team. This implementation team will take care of the scope of work, including data migration, initial set-up, implementation processes, schedules, deliverables and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure business continuity.

ADP Lodgement Service

Our lodgement service helps you manage yearly income tax declaration and investment proof declaration, reimbursement claims under flexi benefits, filing quarterly TDS salary returns and payroll compliance.

Money Movement for Multinational Companies

ADP’s money movement solutions simplify your payroll processes by facilitating on-time payment to your employees’ bank accounts securely.

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