Promote self-accountability to increase employee productivity

In the current global environment, it is critical to remain viable and maintain employee productivity. The productivity of the employees in an organisation is one of the most important contributors to its success. With better productivity and accountability, businesses can maximise their return on investment. Besides increasing employee capacity and enhancing daily operations, a productive workplace can lead to greater customer satisfaction and higher profits.

Assessing and scheduling is key

When you search “how to increase employee productivity” on the Internet, the top results typically suggest the usage of the right HR tools in your organisation. Organisations often overlook the fact that time attendance management tools for HR are genuinely beneficial for increasing employee productivity. 

With limited working hours and infinite tasks to complete, time tracking is the way to improve workplace efficiency in any organisation. After all, productivity is a measure of how much work gets done within a given period of time.

Why is time attendance management so critical?

Time and attendance is not just about tracking when employees clock in and out. Real-time time attendance management tools are most impactful for better time management and reducing administrative tasks. By creating a clearer picture of how much work is being accomplished by each employee, they enable organisations to keep workplace responsibilities equitable.

Traditional time tracking processes could create many issues; they don’t give the right insights into labour costs. Advanced biometric time and attendance systems use employees’ fingerprints to improve record accuracy and vastly eliminate buddy clocking.

A 360° view on organisational productivity

An advanced time and attendance system allows employees to punch in or out right down to every second of their time. Here’s how a payroll and attendance software can give you a 360-degree view of your organisation’s overall productivity.

Save on time and costs

Automated payroll processing can take as little as 20 minutes per pay period. By tracking the time spent on tasks, forecasting and budgeting of projects get easier. It saves hours of admin time and streamlines the HR workload. This also vastly improves record accuracy and eliminates buddy punching. Employees can also use the mobile app to login from home, client locations and the field.

Prevent manual errors

Biometric time and attendance eliminates the need for any manual re-entry of timekeeping data into the payroll system by a dedicated HR team. You can allocate the saved staff hours elsewhere and increase efficiency in the HR department. The HR personnel can even retrieve employee data on their mobile phones or tablets while on the go.

Reduce absenteeism

By automating absence requests, employees can manage their absences and deal with anomaly flags without admin help or a lengthy discussion with their manager. This helps in attendance policy reinforcement and reduction in unnecessary absenteeism.

Boost employee morale

The right time attendance system does more than just spot anomalies. It also identifies employees who work long hours at the office and remotely. You can offer them overtime wages to appreciate the extra effort they put in. Offering overtime will also increase employee productivity.

A time and attendance software identifies the stress and struggles associated with workload management. The seamless integration of the attendance software with other existing HR applications ensures that you have the complete package to manage your workforce. With the flexibility to access on any device, SaaS-based software dramatically improves the operational efficiency of your business.

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