ADP Enterprise eTIME®

A cloud-based workforce management solution for optimising schedules, tracking time and activities, and managing accruals, time off, attendance and leave.

Quicker and easier workforce management

ADP Enterprise eTIME helps businesses control labour costs, simplify compliance and boost productivity. It provides employees and managers with the tools they need to quickly and easily manage their workforce.

Take control of labour costs

With configurable, automated scheduling that can compare your plan to your needs

Greater payroll accuracy

By automating data input, you will reduce manual errors

Better business decisions

With insights into how your business is running

Convenient accessibility

By using web-based timesheets, mobile apps, touch-screen timeclocks, badge swiping and biometric technology

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ADP Enterprise eTIME®

Measures and manages your workforce time

  • 1 Time & Attendance
  • 2 Absence Management
  • 3 Scheduling
  • 4 Task Management
  • 5 Analytics & Reporting
  • 6 Payroll & HCM Integration

Make time tracking easy, convenient, and accurate

Ensure accurate calculation of hours worked, no matter the complexity of your pay policies.

Receive alerts to stay on top of items such as unapproved timecards and approaching overtime.

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Easily manage accrued time, attendance policies, and leave cases

Managers will have access to intuitive tools and calendars to track occurrences or apply leave to employee schedules and timecards. Employees will also receive notifications as infractions occur.

Reduce costs

Manage staffing levels and reduce labour costs

The goal is to have the right number of staff in the right place at the right time. ADP Enterprise eTIME helps you schedule employees based on skills, seniority, and certification using employee preferences, availability, and business demands.

Control time

Track employees for improved time management

The Activities module helps improve performance by providing greater visibility of tasks being performed and resources used. It tracks time spent on specific activities, jobs, projects, or grants.

Gather insights

Drive productivity with workforce analytics and benchmarking

Access information to analyse labour costs, identify risk areas, make informed decisions and align workforce with organisational goals. Give your managers visibility, so they can proactively control labour costs.

Integrate payroll and HCM

Drive productivity through shared employee data

Connect your employee data with your payroll and HCM solutions to more easily manage staffing levels, avoid costly overtime and supplemental staffing and use historical trends and predictive algorithms for more accurate planning.

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Increase time and payroll accuracy with a “Punch-In to Pay Cheque” solution

Accurate pay begins with accurate time. ADP helps you eliminate manual errors by providing a complete solution that streamlines the process and lets you focus on more strategic tasks. Here are a few key capabilities that help you get there:

  • Collect time first-hand and avoid re-keying hours, by leveraging a mix of data collection methods
  • You can configure work and pay rules, so your policies and best practices can be enforced automatically and consistently
  • Pay data totals can be reviewed and verified before kicking off your payroll process and generating checks
  • Online views and reports can help reduce payroll preparation time and help supervisors spot trends and address attendance issues before they negatively impact your business

Simplify compliance and proactively manage your risk of violations

Store years of time and attendance data electronically and have all the information you need to prepare for your payroll.

ADP Enterprise eTIME® can help you:

  • Document changes to timecards
  • Apply pay policies consistently
  • Access reports and audit trails
  • Track attendance points and generate warning letters

Help avoid errors with seamless system integration

Get integration across all areas of payroll and HCM, as well as with your existing ERP system, project management or other time and labour management systems.

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