ADP® Celergo

A global payroll solution connecting and unifying multiple country payrolls into a single, unified global payroll solution.

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Seamless, unified global payroll

ADP Celergo offers managed payroll services through a platform with extensive and flexible reporting. This innovative technology, combined with the support of ADP’s client services team, helps you simplify and ensure accurate sourcing, management, and delivery of payroll services across multiple countries.

ADP has reimagined work with a global payroll solution that centralises your international payroll data into a single system of record. ADP Celergo helps you unify every aspect of global payroll processing, which means:

Simpler payroll administration

Source, manage, and deliver global payroll with ease.

Improved efficiency

Take advantage of optimised workflows and automation to save time on administration.

Greater accuracy

Reduce the opportunity for human error by automating data input and aggregation.

Reduced risk of non-compliance

With decades of experience and a global footprint, ADP brings unparalleled compliance expertise to ADP Celergo.

Increased security

Having managed millions of payroll records worldwide, you can rest assured our data security is world-class.

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ADP Celergo – Global payroll cloud solution

Simplifying and unifying global payroll. Providing one system with a standard workflow, seamless integration, online reporting, and data security and integrity that meet the highest standards.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Employee View
  • 3 Document Management
  • 4 Online Reporting

One unified, seamless system

Visibility into your payroll globally through a unified dashboard.

Your central and local HR and payroll professionals will easily navigate through the ADP Celergo portal.

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Simplified view of all employee data

Employee data can be uploaded/modified in different ways including integration with HCM systems, bulk uploading and form completion.

Manage Documents

Online Document Management

You can load ancillary data needed for managing payroll that is not housed within your HR system.

Once the payroll is complete, the payslip and local reports make it easy for you to access these documents for each payroll.

Gather insights

Global reporting at your fingertips

A reporting solution designed to help multinational HR and payroll professionals analyse employee data regardless of their locations. Its consolidated view of information - in a single portal - gives you the data transparency you need to make informed business decisions aligned with your company strategy.

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A wealth of payroll insight from a single data record

With all of your payroll data aggregated in a single place, you’ll have the ability to think big and drill down deep. Add to this easy integrations with popular HCM solutions, and your payroll data becomes a powerful strategic tool.

  • Produce reports using real-time data, on demand
  • Gain insights globally, by nation, by location and more
  • Eliminate manual data-gathering processes and errors

Global payroll with world-class service

ADP has service centres around the world and across all time zones to make sure we can support your needs no matter where your teams are located.

You’ll also be assigned a dedicated client account manager. As your single point of contact, your client account manager will help you make the most of the advantages ADP Celergo offers your business.

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