How Coca-Cola European Partners implemented ADP’s Global Payroll solutions.

CCEP was looking for a solution for both HR and payroll in order to fully leverage the power of payroll and standardise processes across all its regions.
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Payroll is so special because payroll is always local, there are no global set rules. This is one of the core areas a provider needs to deliver on and where you have to be adaptable to constantly changing local legislation. Not a lot of players in the market can then deliver on top of that, pan-country standardisations, data processes and systems, and governance — and that’s the added value of ADP. 

Nico Orie, VP, People & Culture Function Strategy and Service
Coca-Cola European Partners


  • CCEP faced the challenge of standardising processes across regions in order to make payroll more effective.
  • The need to adopt a standardised approach was clear, both for efficiency and to improve governance and accountability.

How ADP helped:

By adopting ADP Global Payroll solution including an enhanced integration with SuccessFactors core HR, CCEP was able to provide one standardised, common view of payroll — streamlining data sets, processes, and ways of working across 13 countries in order to successfully connect ADP Global Payroll to the CCEP Core HR system.

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