Reduce errors and increase control of your payroll

Take a new look at pay with ADP

Your guide to payroll transformation

This free payroll transformation guide shares and offers guidance on the key challenges for payroll managers and why transforming your payroll process and systems could free your teams to unlock the power of pay.

Replacing tired legacy systems and building an integrated multi-country solution will help reduce costly errors and simplify the control of payroll management.

Discover how the right expertise, processes and technology all connect to deliver the right pay to the right people.

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Small Steps or Giant Leaps?

There has never been a better time to secure buy-in for modernising payroll. And you may be surprised how rapidly you could see the benefits with a little help from the experts. So what’s stopping your organisation from getting started?

Phase 1. Optimisation


Drive out errors and cost and look for ways to simplify payroll.

Phase 2. Visibility


Deliver accurate payroll data so you can respond rapidly to changing needs and regulations.

Phase 3. Agility


Build flexibility into your payroll solution so that you can adapt to new ways of working.


Download this free Transformation Guide to see more detail on the 3 key phases we’ve defined to help you deliver cost savings, process optimisation and more valuable insights for your business.

“We have replaced multiple vendors with ADP as our one global vendor. We launched ADP in 30 countries, all within our 18 month timeframe. And now 99.9% of our employees are paid on ADP.”

Traci Memmott, Global Head of Payroll, PayPal

Payroll is a process – let us help you design and deliver the one that’s right for you:

Master complexity at scale
Build ready to go, fast to implement automated solutions that are deeply value-driven, and supported by ADP payroll experts at every stage.

Choose from a flexible choice of models
From one simple global payroll cloud to tailormade complex deployments delivered through your Shared Service Centre or as a Managed Service.

Harness deep regulatory expertise
Our 3,000 dedicated regulatory specialists will help you manage the 1,500 newly created global regulations that have impacted payroll since COVID-19 hit.

No other payroll company has our experience, or the trust of over 1,000,000 customers.

No other company has spent 70 years immersing itself in the problems of payroll - and finding solutions for a wider range of customers around the world.

Download your guide to payroll transformation or to speak to an ADP expert get in touch below.

Take a new look at pay with ADP

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