Myths We Must Debunk About Leadership Development in Asia

We are facing the greatest disruption of our lifetime. The past few months have challenged all of our assumptions on business models, workflows, technology, and people. As the future scenarios and projected health and economic impacts change on a daily basis, organisations are scrambling to pull together their best people as ‘guides’ to find the way out of the current chaos.

Human resources and leadership functions are under extreme pressure not only to develop leaders to deal with the here-and-now challenges but also to proactively prepare organisations for the recovery. Disruption is also an opportunity to reset the leadership development function and view it with a very objective lens, without biases and prejudices.

Myths and urban legends are aplenty in the leadership development world. These include:

  • Asian leaders are harder to develop for global leadership roles;
  • Attending (only) classroom-based programmes will make better leaders;
  • Digital training is less impactful than face-to-face development.

If organisations continue to hold on to these relics, they will struggle to develop leaders at the required pace required by these new times. It is certainly time to debunk leadership development myths and energise the function.

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) has just released a report titled 'Leadership Development in Asia: 7 Myths We Must Debunk', in partnership with ADP, to reveal top myths organisations face as they develop future-fluent Asian leaders, and ways to debunk those myths.

Download the report to learn more.

You may also join our webinar series to get practical tools and tips on improving returns on leadership development initiatives in your organisation.

  • Research Overview: Myths we must debunk (recorded on 27 August 2020, available on-demand)
  • Deep Dive Webinar I: Strengthen the pipeline of Asian leaders in your organisation (recorded on 17 September 2020, available on-demand)
  • Deep Dive Webinar II: Curating a winning leadership development programme (recorded on 8 October 2020, available on-demand)
  • Deep Dive Webinar III: Curating high-impact online classrooms: the ‘live-online’ option (recorded on 5 November 2020, available on-demand)

Looking forward to “e-meeting” you shortly!

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